Welcome to Bonk's Kempo Karate

Thank You for visiting our Web site. Students study various arts at Bonk's Kempo Karate, School of Natural Law. These are focused through the arts of Kosho Ryu Kempo. Jiu-Jitsu, Iaijutsu, and other arts are studied as well.

Classes are offered for children and adults of all ability levels. Ranking is offered in Kosho Ryu Kempo. At Bonk's Kempo Karate we pride ourselves on being more than just a belt factory. This means students do not quickly go through the rank system, but can only achieve higher ranks through mastery and hard work. Here, the arts and your personal growth are far more important than the color of your belt.

The head instructor at the Dojo is Sensei Steven Bonk. He is a third degree black belt studying under Shihan John Evans and Hanshi Bruce Juchnik. Sensei Bonk has over 15 years of experience teaching Children and adults mixed martial arts.


Kosho-Ryu Kempo Seminar with Hanshi Bruce Juchnik

We will be hosting a seminar with Hanshi Bruce Juchnik from Sacramento, CA. This will be an amazing weekend of Kosho concepts and skills. For more information see our flyer here.